Many Challenges

Dissertation Project Requires Profound Research and Writing Skills Writing Dissertation Project One Should Be Ready For

When you have to deal with dissertation project , you should be aware of the volume of the work you need to handle and peculiarities of this format. Dissertation research is meant for developing research ideas on high level and the results of work should be generation of new knowledge. Thus the paper should present innovative scientific ideas and findings.

A dissertation project which lacks clearly defined position of author on some problem has no value for scientific community. Thus the first issue which will be evaluated is presentation of author’s view on some research problem. Developing hypothesis based on your unique ideas and testing them by research methods is what you are expected to cover in dissertation research.

Of course, this type of work requires much time, great mental effort and excellent research skills. One should be an experienced writer and an expert in the field of study to cope with dissertation. Many feel embarrassed with the task of writing a dissertation because this type of academic work is really a challenging task and one can easily fail it.

What often happens is that a post graduate student fails to continue writing after the first chapter is ready. Lacking concise plan of your work at the start of dissertation writing results in failure to continue the work. Many do wrong when they start writing without an outline or preliminary project of the work. Thus before starting dissertation writing be sure to have a plan for your dissertation project.

The other dangerous pitfall that many graduate students encounter is writing style. Dissertation research requires the use of academic language which is quite different from colloquial and following the pattern of scientific language is not simple for those who deal with research writing for the first time.

Thus if you want to delve into dissertation writing, you should be confident about your writing skills. Of course, scientific activity supposes excellent analytical skills and if you lack them you are likely to fail with such a complicated task as dissertation.

When you have completed your dissertation, you may think that it is over and you can relax. It is not really true. Dissertation defense is what you should be ready to do after your project is completed. This is an inseparable part of the work over a dissertation and the result of you effort will be defined during it. Thus one should be ready for effective and impressive introduction of one’s findings and stresses of defending your research on public.

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